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Quality Assurance

1. Be strict in checking inspection system of the raw and auxiliary materials entering the factory, and establish qualified dynamic assessment mechanism of suppliers;

Our company yearly organizes the assessment team to check raw and auxiliary material suppliers. Through the source control, our enterprise has already achieved zero reporting export of peanut products reported frequently at abroad for the successive three years. In melamine incident, the supplier dynamic management assessment mechanism has been established, so the exported products have no quality accidents;

2. According to the management mode of “Company+ Base+ Standardization”, ensure the safety of the main raw materials.

In order to control the quality of main raw material sticky rice of our company from the source, our company established sticky rice planting base with an area of 10,000mu in Nandu Town, Liyang City, achieving the self-supply and self-support of raw material sticky rice, and ensuring the quality safety of the product fundamentally.

3. Vigorously promote the process control and strengthen the sanitary management of staff

The staff hygiene and quality awareness strengthening is the premise and basis of the product quality assurance, so our company increases and keeps the staff hygiene and quality awareness through training, supervision and inspection before the employment.

4. Strengthen laboratory construction to industriously enhance self-checking and self-control abilities.

Our company has established a set of laboratory management system which is suitable for our company according to ISO17025 to enhance self-checking and self-control abilities of our company. The company’s laboratory has rich experience in sense organ and physicochemical index and mature inspection level, and comprehensively inspects the microorganism.

5. Aim at law and regulation change at home and abroad to enhance the technical barrier ability of external trade.

We set up a food safety information group which specially tracks the domestic and overseas early warning bulletin to specially research the food safety early warning bulletin information transmitted by Changzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, formulate the solutions, and avoid the export risks. The inspection and quarantine experts have been invited to our factory to give lectures on the domestic and overseas newest law and regulation. In addition, we also initiatively collect the laws and regulations in domestic and overseas food aspect, and also know the product requirements from their countries through the customers, etc. Our company sets up files about all these information, and the information is transmitted monthly to all the related departments to enhance our technical barrier ability of external trade.

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